Is it ever enough?

The story of the five loaves and two fish.

What we have – is it ever enough for what we really need? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Do we ever have enough time? Do you walk through your day with enough patience? Are you like me and wonder if you’ll have enough strength for the day? Or faith and hope for the days ahead in these uncertain times? I am keenly aware of the fact that I never have enough wisdom for the parenting journey.

However, when we read this story, we can see, that when we place what we have in the hands of Jesus, it is always more than enough. More than enough for what we need and for those around us…. This post was published on the P40MINISTRIES WEBSITE. Read the rest of this guest blog post here…

One thought on “Is it ever enough?

  1. Love it.

    A wise Pastor, got me onto the idea of identity. It is a pivotal idea to everything in life (Everything)

    When I FINALLY figured out my identity, I have always had enough. Didn’t before, but have since.

    Nothing changed – Well…something changed, but my circumstances hadn’t.

    Great article, beautiful lady.

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