Paper planes and a lesson in our identity

What am I supposed to do now? Have you asked that question lately? Have you wondered how you will cope in this season? This year has thrown us some curve balls that’s for sure. For some of us it has meant hard days, that lead into weeks, followed by months of uncertainty. Perhaps you have experienced great loss and pain during these times. For many of us it has been a season of unstoppable change. And that change has caused a tidal wave of questions and doubts. When I stop and think about what we’re really doubting, I wonder if our identity is at the core of our questioning.

The dictionary describes identity as “The fact of being who someone is”. So, who you are, your being, is your identity. This is factual. It is not subjective. It is not based on what you do, or what other people say about you or even how you feel about yourself. Rather who you are is found in the core of your being and if you want to know who you are then you need to listen to the One who made you.

A few years back I was listening to my son describe his newest paper plane. He was crazy about these things. I’m pretty sure most boys go through a stage like this. We had bought special paper and books on plane designs and of course Hubby was incredibly happy to share his wisdom on the many techniques of paper plane making. Daily my boy would come to me with a grin from ear to ear and with great detail he would begin showing me his latest creation. “The wings are bent here so it can turn like this Mum and this tail section means it can go high in the air and this nose shape makes it super strong, can you see that Mum?” So much detail I thought. Each fold, each unique design made for a purpose and my boy, he knew all about each one he made.

If you wanted to know what the plane could do, all you had to do was ask the one who made it. Just as my boy made each plane with its unique design and purpose, so too have we been made with a unique design and purpose. We have been made with much more thought, care, and detail. So, in these uncertain days, with doubts swirling around, who should we be asking if we want to know what we can do, all that we’ve been made to do? I know you know the answer.

We need to turn to our Creator God and ask Him who made us, who He made us to be.

When we seek, we shall find….and we find His answer in John 1:12 “Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, He gave the right to become children of God…’’ So, this is your identity. You are a child of God. This is factual, it is not subject to the world around you. It can not be altered by anyone else. The matter is sealed. Christ said, “It is finished”. We are children of God. This was His plan from the beginning of time, to save us through Jesus and make us His own.

So when the craziness of the world today makes you question who you are, or what you’re meant to be doing, when the world tries to tell you what you should be doing, or who you should be, can I encourage you to remember this truth. You are a deeply loved child of God. Ask the One who made you, what He wants you to be doing in this season. Yes it may look different to what we thought, but it still doesn’t change who you are. It doesn’t change your identity. Take some time to ask the One who created you, what He created you for in these changing times. And nothing can change that.

2 thoughts on “Paper planes and a lesson in our identity

  1. Brilliant! – Loved the twist…
    “If you wanted to know what the plane could do, all you had to do was ask the one who made it”
    Identity is key…

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