Abide in me

Happy New Year….

That almost sounds shallow this year…every time I said that to friends or family I felt as though it didn’t really say how I felt. I wanted to say something more like – Have a safe new year. Remember what is important this year. Stay close to Jesus and keep your eyes on Him this year. Trust God more this year…Happy just didn’t really cut it for me…

Did anyone else feel the same??

So my first blog this year comes as a reminder for us as we begin the new year, though perhaps not as we had hoped. It may not be so different from last year, but perhaps we can learn a new way of living. Perhaps what we endured last year could teach us some valuable lessons and perhaps the new year could hold something new? Perhaps we could learn to abide, rely, trust, cling to and wait on God more this year…

This year, once a month, I will write an article for Kingdom Edge Magazine. I am honoured to be featured as a guest writer there. See the link below for my full article as i encourage us to abide in Him as we face these unknown days…


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