Are You Ready For The Ride Of Your Life?

As I was driving my little ones to school this morning, a group of touring cyclists were stopped on the corner of the road. 

They were under the shade of beautiful trees, pointing around and looking at a map. The view was gorgeous, and from their place at the top of the hill, there would be many options for the next part of their journey. 

Being a local, I wanted to interpret the map for them and give them hints and tips about the best places to ride and visit in our lovely little town. However, if this Mumma wanted to get to school on time, we needed to keep going. 

As I drove away, the image of the cyclists stayed with me. 

They were stalled in their journey, looking at the map, not sure which way to go. How often in life, do we do that very thing?

As Christians, we have the map in our hands (the Word of God) yet we struggle to understand it. Perhaps, we do not really know how to read it. Or we are not sure how to interpret the Bible for our personal journey. So, we stand there looking a little blank, wondering, where do we go now? 

To keep reading this article, click the link below and head over to Kingdom Edge Magazine. There you’ll find the challenge for the ride of your life!

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