God knows the details. That fear you are holding onto, that no-one else knows about? He knows. That rejection, loss of hope, desperate need? He knows. He knows the details of our lives and they are important to Him.

He will pause His journey for you. He will have compassion on you and reach out His hands to you. He wants to touch our lives, change our hearts and bring us back to life…

In Luke 7:13-14, Jesus came across a funeral procession of a widow who had lost her only son. I imagine that her pain was deep and her fear of the future great. And yet we read the words “When the Lord saw her, his heart went out to her…”

With compassion, He reached out His hands, the same ones that flung stars into space and carved rivers through wastelands and He touched her son, calling him back to life. 

With that touch and with those words, I believe, He called her back to life too. As He lifted up her son, He lifted off her burden. He saw her need and saw her pain and all she had lost when she lost her son and those details were important to Him. 

This article was first published in Kingdom Edge Magazine, to keep reading, click on the link below…

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