How To Love While Letting Go

The story of the prodigal son, from Luke 15, has been on my heart lately; not because I have a child who has run away, but simply because I have a child who is growing up.

I know that sounds so silly, almost insignificant, because that’s what children do — they grow up. In fact, I have four children and they are all growing up. However, my firstborn, my only son, is now 16 and with that has come a whole lot of changes.

As we celebrate each change, each season of growth (starting high school, getting a license to drive) it takes us another step toward his independence. That’s the part I’m finding hard to celebrate.

It’s a process of letting my child go and watching him become an adult, which leads me to ask God, “How do I do this?”

How do I let my kids go into an unknown world, or watch them make choices I may not have made for them, or learn lessons I could have taught them, possibly without the heartache? How does my mother’s heart let my child grow up?

God whispered the answer to my heart…to read more, clink on the link below for the full article found in Kingdom Edge Magazine 🙂

Blessings my friends,

Laura Jane Anslow

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