What Is Holding Your Gaze?

“Where your eyes go, there your mind will follow.”

Do you agree?

Its quite natural when you think about it; you have to open your eyes to see where you’re going and what you’re doing. We use our eyes to focus on the things we want to pay attention to, learn from, think about, and enjoy.

I shared that quote recently on Instagram. You might think there’s nothing special about that, why is it Instagram worthy? Well, here’s why…


I’m still reading Proverbs, I’m not even halfway through yet. I am gleaning so much truth and wisdom, taking it slow, letting it marinate deep in my soul.

I want to truly understand how the wisdom of God applies to my everyday life. I want to parent well. I want to love well, listen well, choose well and speak well. I know I need the wisdom of God to do this.

So, when I was reading in chapter 4, I came across vs 20,21 and they sparked my attention. “My son, give attention to my words…do not let them depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart.”

Now there are multiple times throughout these chapters that Solomon reminds his son to, “give attention to my words”. Sometimes he says listen to my words or pay attention to my wisdom or keep my words. Whenever something is repeated like that in Scripture, we know that it is important.  There is great value to what the writer is saying.

Then he follows that up with the instruction to keep them before his eyes and in the midst of his heart.  This really intrigued me. I’ve read plenty of times about guarding our hearts and keeping the Word in our hearts, but keeping the words in front of our eyes? I wondered what connection Solomon was making here.

Our eyes are just as important as our hearts. Obviously reading the words once is not enough. Not only is there great value to what he is saying, there is a flow on effect of these words of wisdom to our bodies and he wants us to understand that.

Our eyes and hearts are intrinsically related; what we focus on filters to our hearts and minds.

So, for me to have wisdom in my everyday life, I need to read His Word every day. This is how I keep His words before my eyes. I do that because that’s where wisdom is found. I need to get to know God and His ways, for that’s where truth and life are.

By keeping his words in front of our eyes, we are paying attention to them. It is how we focus on gaining wisdom and growing in understanding.

If I am not looking to God, seeking His wisdom and ways, then that also has a flow on effect on my heart and mind.

I find I am more selfish, less patient, more impulsive and less peaceful. Why? Because my mind follows where my heart has gone, and if my heart is wandering away from truth and life and all the benefits of wisdom, then my mind is lacking those things too. I definitely don’t parent well or love well when my heart and mind have wandered that way.

That’s why I wrote that quote.

I wanted to remind you (and myself) that whatever our eyes are looking at, whatever holds our gaze also holds our hearts.

Where are your eyes today my friend?

Can I encourage you to set your eyes on the One who knows all things, holds us through all things, supplies all we need for all things, including wisdom! Proverbs 2:6 says we just have to ask for it!

So ask away, read His Word today and let your heart and mind be filled with His goodness!

4 thoughts on “What Is Holding Your Gaze?

  1. Wow this is so good and such a great reminder, sometimes we can go through life so quickly. One thing to the next and we don’t pay close enough attention to where we are putting all our attention!

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