How To Grow Spiritually

I stood at my kitchen window watching the baby magpie. It intrigued me. Each morning, as the sun called forth the day, I watched the mother and baby fly down from the tree to the yard below. 

At first, the baby stayed in the same place, not moving around, just watching its mother. The mother bird would peck for food, walk over to her squawking baby, and drop the tiny morsel into its wide and waiting beak. 

Each new day, as I watched the baby bird move further away from its tree, it would follow the mother bird’s every move, staying ever so close to her. The baby began pecking around just like the mom. When mom tried a new spot, the baby moved there too. When the baby called for food, the mom would turn and wait for the baby to come to her before she placed the food in its little beak.

And today I saw something really special.

Today the baby didn’t squawk for its mother. It flew down like it had all week and followed the mother as she walked about pecking for food. Then the baby found its own worm and gobbled it up – insert cuteness!!

If you want to read about how this little baby bird taught me about my own spiritual growth, then click on the link below!! This article was first published online for Kingdom Edge Magazine. Head over to their website for more inspiring and truth filled articles.

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