I took my time, but I’m back!

Its been awhile…I’ve been quiet around here a little bit intentionally as I’ve been seeking the Lord for His direction for me this year and a little bit unintentionally. I’ve been super relaxed as my family and I have enjoyed our (southern hemisphere) summer holidays!!

Here’s a few snaps – not to make all you northern hemisphere friends jealous at all šŸ˜‰ But just so you know we’ve had some great time off after Christmas.

So after that amazing break, I am so pleased to be back here! Writing, sharing joy, hope, peace and hopefully encouraging you in your journey to freedom as we live in the truth of God’s Word.

I want to tell you a funny little story…just today my gorgeous little 9yr old stood in the kitchen trying terribly to open the wrapper of her muesli bar. She exclaimed, “Mum these are so hard to open” and she pulled and tugged and ripped and pulled some more and I smiled at her, and said “You’re making that look very difficult” and we both laughed. I then told her to bring it to me and I proceeded to show her that they have a special flap where you can tear the wrapper open very easily. To which she then proclaimed “well that makes it so much easier” and she promptly began devouring her afternoon tea treat.

It made me think how easy it is when we have someone who can show us the way to do something, especially someone who knows what they are doing!

Why is it then that often we strive and struggle, trying to do things in our own strength, trying the hard way to get things done?

How often do we stop and ask the creator of the universe for help? We know the One who made us and He knows our inner most being and yet we still try and do all the things our own way! When really He knows the best way, and all we need to be doing is asking Him – the way maker – for help each new day.

Some of us are well and truly already back into full swing of life and work and school and routines and for others (me!!) we’ve had a slower start to the year…so friends however we have begun this new year, can I encourage you? When the days ahead seem unknown, can I encourage you to seek the One who knows what the days hold, and when the way is difficult and it doesn’t seem to make sense to you, can I encourage you to seek the One who makes the way through. God is the One who made all things, knows all things and longs to share them with you!!

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”

Jeremiah 33:3 ESV

Blessings my friends.

Oh and I’m still writing for Kingdom Edge Magazine this year so check out my monthly articles over there…https://www.kingdomedgemag.com/blog/flipping-the-script

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