A Change Is As Good As a Holiday – Right?

Have you heard that saying before?  For those of us who like change, it might be true. For instance, when you get a new house or a new puppy. However, that saying would only apply when changing furniture or buying a new outfit. Otherwise, I am not feeling those relaxing, fun, refreshing holiday feels.  Especially […]

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How to hold onto faith when the storms hit…

I have been reading through Acts these past few months and have been challenged by the life of Paul. False accusations, death threats, stoning, imprisonment, shipwreck, and snakebite, are just some of the things that Paul endured on his faith journey. From the moment of his conversion, which was dramatic enough, he was faced with […]

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I struggle with slow…

Anyone else? Or is it just me? Last year for my birthday my Mum gave me a tiny little plant in a white pot. Well actually it was 3 tiny little leaves that looked like she had just stuck them in a pot of dirt. What I didn’t realise until she told me was that […]

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We Weren’t Made for This!

Something was wrong and I couldn’t work out why. I was washing my hair and yet the shampoo was not lathering up…I know, I can hear you laughing, such a dreadful situation. In all seriousness, this was my favourite shampoo, and it was no longer working as it should. Why would that be? I looked […]

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This is the way to times of refreshing

My attitude was as cold as a winter morning in Northern Alaska.  The conversation with my husband did not go as I planned. I was feeling ignored and hurt, and the more I focused on those feelings, the more my frustrations took hold of my heart.  How quickly I had forgotten the peace of my […]

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What To Do When You’re Weighed Down With Worry.

I hung up the phone. It was the doctor, and I was in shock. My young daughter’s results had come back positive for an auto-immune disease. This diagnosis was lifelong and meant immediate change to our lives. As my questions grew, so did the weight of worry. Have you ever felt a wave of worry […]

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I took my time, but I’m back!

Its been awhile…I’ve been quiet around here a little bit intentionally as I’ve been seeking the Lord for His direction for me this year and a little bit unintentionally. I’ve been super relaxed as my family and I have enjoyed our (southern hemisphere) summer holidays!! Here’s a few snaps – not to make all you […]

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What to do when your baby grows up

I didn’t see it coming. It sort of crept up on me…I mean I was present for every moment, so I don’t know why this surprised me.  I was at the washing line hanging out my son’s clothes when I suddenly realized I didn’t buy these for him. When did he get so grown up […]

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We had been protected for 18 months. Our little rural town had not had a single case of Covid during the whole pandemic.Until it did. When we were notified a positive case was at the primary school where my youngest daughter attends, I was in shock. It was a surreal moment as we both went […]

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How To Grow Spiritually

I stood at my kitchen window watching the baby magpie. It intrigued me. Each morning, as the sun called forth the day, I watched the mother and baby fly down from the tree to the yard below.  At first, the baby stayed in the same place, not moving around, just watching its mother. The mother […]

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