What to do when your baby grows up

I didn’t see it coming. It sort of crept up on me…I mean I was present for every moment, so I don’t know why this surprised me.  I was at the washing line hanging out my son’s clothes when I suddenly realized I didn’t buy these for him. When did he get so grown up […]

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We had been protected for 18 months. Our little rural town had not had a single case of Covid during the whole pandemic.Until it did. When we were notified a positive case was at the primary school where my youngest daughter attends, I was in shock. It was a surreal moment as we both went […]

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How To Grow Spiritually

I stood at my kitchen window watching the baby magpie. It intrigued me. Each morning, as the sun called forth the day, I watched the mother and baby fly down from the tree to the yard below.  At first, the baby stayed in the same place, not moving around, just watching its mother. The mother […]

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What God Really Wants

Just a little scripture reflection for you… My kids love writing birthday wish lists. They make a list of all the things they want, their greatest desires and the things that would bring them the most joy. Can I tell you a secret…I’m actually thankful for that because it makes it super easy to know […]

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The Six Steps To Restoration

I had hurt my friend. We were supposed to meet for coffee, but I had completely forgotten and left her there waiting and alone. When I called her later that night, still unaware of my mistake, I knew something wasn’t right between us. She was keeping the conversation short and simple. When I asked if […]

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What Is Holding Your Gaze?

“Where your eyes go, there your mind will follow.” Do you agree? Its quite natural when you think about it; you have to open your eyes to see where you’re going and what you’re doing. We use our eyes to focus on the things we want to pay attention to, learn from, think about, and […]

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Running On Empty

I didn’t want to stop for fuel. I had been running errands for the last hour, working all day and I just wanted to get home. I knew the fuel was low, but surely, I had enough for tomorrow… As I was driving home it made me think, how often in life do we push […]

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What it means to be a Child of God

Guest Post By Theresa Miller I did not grow up with a father who was there for me in the way a little girl needs her daddy. My parents divorced when I was eleven and my mom moved my five sisters and me two thousand miles away. I saw my dad only a couple of […]

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How To Love While Letting Go

The story of the prodigal son, from Luke 15, has been on my heart lately; not because I have a child who has run away, but simply because I have a child who is growing up. I know that sounds so silly, almost insignificant, because that’s what children do — they grow up. In fact, […]

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The Lure of Happiness

I read an Instagram post today that said, “Do whatever makes you happiest”. My first thought was, well that’s a nice sentiment, but then I thought, actually how sad it really is. Are they implying there are levels of happiness, by saying the “happiest”? Are they saying stay away from all things that may be […]

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