The Lure of Happiness

I read an Instagram post today that said, “Do whatever makes you happiest”. My first thought was, well that’s a nice sentiment, but then I thought, actually how sad it really is. Are they implying there are levels of happiness, by saying the “happiest”? Are they saying stay away from all things that may be […]

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When Praying Is Hard

One quiet, early morning, I was watching the sun rise over the hills and through the trees. Everything around me was glistening as the rays of light danced upon the morning sky. I had taken this time to pray, though my heart was heavy with a burden for my friend.

She had just received some devastating news and was struggling to hold onto hope. It seemed like her world was falling apart, so I asked the Lord, “How do I pray for her, I don’t even know where to start?” Have you ever felt like that before? When we don’t know what to pray, the prayer guide Jesus gave His disciples is perfect for us today.

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God knows the details. That fear you are holding onto, that no-one else knows about? He knows. That rejection, loss of hope, desperate need? He knows. He knows the details of our lives and they are important to Him.

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A Message In The Handiwork

Why are we captivated by sunsets and sunrises? Is it because of the beautiful colors they cast throughout the sky? Or, because they are complete in such a short amount of time, we feel the need to stop and capture them? Though our mind is unaware, our soul craves the messages that God has woven into His daily light show. – Read more by my very first guest – Nichole J Suvar

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The Long Wait

How often are we caught in between seasons? A season of the long wait…when we are not sure of the outcome? Perhaps something has happened and caused us to wilt or wither, perhaps even quite unexpectedly…and perhaps we dont even know how we will survive this.
I have found there is only one thing we can do when we are faced with a long wait…and that is HOPE.
I tried stress – it didnt work.. worry gets you nowhere and fear leads you deeper into the dark…Hope is your only chance to survive.

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Are You Ready For The Ride Of Your Life?

Have you ever found yourself paused on this life journey, wondering where to now?
Jesus has promised that the Holy Spirit will live within believers. He will help us understand the truth of the gospel, teach us how to apply this truth to our lives and grow in a deeper more intimate relationship with Jesus.

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How To Find Your Way Back

After reading about the Priests in Malachi chapter 2, who had lost their way, it’s so refreshing to read that God tells the entire people of Israel, who have also turned away from His instructions, how to find their way back to Him. God is so good!! Chapter 3: 6-12 contains a few verses, possibly […]

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Have You Lost Your Way?

Sometimes we don’t realise we are lost. Would you agree? Sometimes all it takes is a series of small steps in the wrong direction, perhaps a few steps towards apathy and then compromise slowly creeps in.  After a while we’re not walking in the way God planned for us, but the fade away has been […]

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Continuing my reading in Zechariah I came across this verse. This is a vision given to Zechariah about Joshua the High Priest. It is also a picture for all of us. Zechariah 3:3,4 (NKJV) 3 Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and was standing before the Angel. 4 Then He answered and spoke to those who stood […]

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Change is hard. I’ve heard that many times throughout my life, but I always thought I handled change very well. I was good at adapting to new seasons. I welcomed change. That is, until I was faced with one my heart wasn’t ready for… I know those days of childhood are long gone and my […]

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